Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the access code for the Tiny Gallery?
At the Tiny Gallery, use your phone to access our Access Code Request form. There’s a different code for each gallery, so be sure you’re requesting the code for the gallery you’re using.

Why do I need a Gmail account to fill out the form?
Do you like free stuff? We do too. Google Forms is free. By using Google Forms, we are able to offer you the service for free, as well.

How do I put my art into the Tiny Gallery?
Enter the access code on the lock’s keypad and open the cabinet. Take a piece of art out and put your art in. You’ll see we’ve provided some title cards for your use if you didn’t bring one. Please close the cabinet securely.

My art is too big.
Not a question, but we get it. Make a smaller piece of art and come back.

Can you guarantee my art will not be damaged or vandalized?
No, unfortunately. While the cabinet is weather resistant, please consider possible UV or humidity damage before you install your piece. If you don’t accept the risk, please don’t play along.

Can I display my sculpture?
Please do! The cabinet is deep enough. If your art is best displayed on a pedestal, please provide one. As you place your art, take a moment to arrange the other works so that your piece shares the space in a tasteful manner.

What about non-traditional media?
If you can figure out how to display it/power it then yes please.

How can I sell my work in a Tiny Gallery?
The game is to buy new art with your art. Sometimes, however, an art patron will see your work and want to purchase it directly. Make sure your contact information is on your title block. If someone contacts you directly, arrange a private sale. NOTE: you’ll have to place another piece of art in the kiosk to replace the one you’ve removed.

I want to put a price tag on my art.
Why? You just used it to buy someone else’s art. You’re done. Go home and display your new art. Stop making this hard. And stop not asking questions.

Is there a suggested value for the art?
Think of it this way: someone put a fair amount of effort, life experience, skill and talent into making that piece of art you’re buying with your art. Surely you want to put at least that much care into making a great work of art to make the trade?

But, is there a dollar amount that is too small, and a dollar amount that is too high?
No. Yes? Maybe. Here’s the truth: Part of this “art” is to explore how you use the kiosk. Are you a taker or a giver? Do you have something important to say about our community or do you value decoration? What is “art” to you? Even this much of an answer contaminates the data, but then, no one reads the FAQs, so we’re probably ok.

How can I host a Tiny Gallery at my business?
Send us a message.

Can I use the Tiny Gallery to drive people to my online store?
Great idea.

Can I make my own Tiny Gallery?
Why didn’t we think of that? Go for it! Just don’t be all possessive about it. There are probably some financial opportunities that will mature organically from this idea. If you have delusions of being the Ray Kroc of art sharing we will most certainly share some more words with you.