Halfway to Our Goal!

https://ioby.org/project/tiny-galleries-art-exchange is live and has already reached more than half our funding goal! At this point, we’ll be able to build three Tiny Galleries. Where shall we place this one? I’m looking at you, Oakland!

Up to $15,000 in Match Funding from ioby.org

Here’s some excellent news: ioby.org picked up our Tiny Galleries as an “Artists Lead” project! Every dollar (up to $1000 per donor) given to the project gets matched until we reach $15,000 in matching. How great is that? Your art patron dollars have never worked harder.

Head over to ioby.org and make your donation today!

Navigating WordPress and YouTube and other things.

We got the Pop-Up Grant! Yay!

Now to start navigating all the things we have to get into place before we can launch the Tiny Galleries.

Bob’s brilliant Explainer video was something I wanted on the site, but it can’t be loaded using the Video widget, oh, no. You have to try and fail a bunch of times, and then look up the kludges that work for other folks. Like pasting in the link in the URL bar – while watching the video.

Applying for a Popup Grant for the first Tiny Galleries

Bob and I have applied for a local PopUp Grant, and are excited about the possibility of building two of these PopUp Tiny Galleries in our community of Santa Rosa, California. Bob has designed a simple cabinet design with a keycode entry. Artists obtain the keycode, bring a piece of art, and swap it for a piece to take home. In this way, the show in the Tiny Gallery is crowd-curated. We look forward to the opportunity to build these and see what the artists in our community can do with them.