Tiny Galleries in the Press Democrat

“Two Santa Rosa artists, Robert van de Walle and Dawn Thomas, had a clear and simple vision of an innovative project they wanted to do, but of course, life doesn’t always work out exactly the way we expect…” Read the rest of the Press Democrat article, by Dan Taylor, at this link: https://www.pressdemocrat.com/entertainment/10902181-181/tiny-galleries-will-send-the

Support the Postal Service and swap your art!

A few of the FOREVER stamps currently available

Our country relies on the hard work and dedication of our Postal Service. Their charter is astounding: to collect and deliver mail to every address in the United States, at the same price for every customer. It’s a bold idea that has withstood the test of time, and tested mail carriers’ mettle, for generations. It’s inspired poems, songs, novels, and art.

With Tiny Galleries’ postcard swap, we’re doing our little bit to support the USPS. Many of our artists are going above and beyond making mere postcards, creating complex works requiring far more than a postcard stamp to deliver. You are all generous, remarkable souls and the world is a better place with you in it.

Tiny Galleries Postcard Swap!

Are you sheltering in place? Make art!

On our homepages you will see images from our Instagram (tinygalleries). Make a postcard sized piece of art, send it to us, and we’ll send you back someone else’s art. You even get to tell us which one you want!

Send your postcard to

Tiny Galleries
1561 Laguna Road
Santa Rosa CA 95401

Final Funding and Cutting Metal

Steel frame elements cut to size

We’re in the final days of our donor matched funding at Ioby. We’re very close to being able to build twice as many Tiny Gallery Art Exchanges! The work of finding excellent homes for each kiosk continues. We’re currently negotiating a location in Alameda, which would be simply delightful to increase that city’s visual artists… visibility.

Navigating WordPress and YouTube and other things.

We got the Pop-Up Grant! Yay!

Now to start navigating all the things we have to get into place before we can launch the Tiny Galleries.

Bob’s brilliant Explainer video was something I wanted on the site, but it can’t be loaded using the Video widget, oh, no. You have to try and fail a bunch of times, and then look up the kludges that work for other folks. Like pasting in the link in the URL bar – while watching the video.

Applying for a Popup Grant for the first Tiny Galleries

Bob and I have applied for a local PopUp Grant, and are excited about the possibility of building two of these PopUp Tiny Galleries in our community of Santa Rosa, California. Bob has designed a simple cabinet design with a keycode entry. Artists obtain the keycode, bring a piece of art, and swap it for a piece to take home. In this way, the show in the Tiny Gallery is crowd-curated. We look forward to the opportunity to build these and see what the artists in our community can do with them.