Two ways to play

Tiny Gallery kiosks are going up around town! The first is at Art & Soul of Sebastopol. The second will be on 4th Street, Downtown Santa Rosa, as a component of the Chamber of Commerce’s “Open and Out” event. Street closures and foot traffic! Yes, please!

So, how can you tell if a piece of art is available at a kiosk or through our mail-swap? Look for identifying graphics on the picture of the work! Here are three samples and an excuse:

Art in the kiosk at 4th street has “Open & Out Downtown Santa Rosa” pasted on its picture.

Art in the kiosk at 755 Petaluma Avenue in Sebastopol has “Art & Soul” pasted on its picture.

And finally, we’ll be using a cancellation sticker to differentiate postcard art from the mail swap.

Legacy postcard art doesn’t have any kind of identifier, because we hadn’t thought of adding these until after we had multiple art exchange streams!


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